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Needs FURTHER improvement

Before I begin this review...Sheller, you honestly need to calm down. It's just a flash cartoon. No need to get all worked up and all angry about it. Do you honestly think that your "review" is any helpful? Constructive criticism would've been more helpful, if anything.

Anyway, on to the review...

Overall, I really am not going to nitpick on your tween animation, since you've been using this style for years. So by all means, just stick with it until frame-by-frame becomes your forte. Otherwise, there are no problems on that department, since that is your intention.

Otherwise the writing felt very stale and rushed, as well as the characters featured in this flash. I'm to guess that the humor in this flash is based on inside jokes among your friends. Sometimes that can be a good idea, and a lot of times, a bad idea. People are going to want jokes that they can relate to. Maybe I'm wrong on that end. You may have to correct me on that. Not saying that you should resort to jokes, like the ones featured in some popular flashes here in NG (with penis jokes, gross jokes, violence, basically anything ultra offensive). Over the years, I've noticed that you try to stray away from those kinds of jokes, and want to add your own brand of humor. However, as I have implied before, the humor is lacking. And I just didn't get any laughs out of it.

The singing on the opening, sounded off key, and the lyrics may need some adjustment. I'm very sure you want to come up with some silly lyrics that will make you go "WTF" and laugh. But it just didn't feel right.

While I understand that this is a pilot, a little more effort could be used. I'm very sure that if you do continue the series, and I hope you do one day, the overall show will not be like that at all. Just find some new material in humor/comedy, maybe change up the story as well as the characters.

I know I'm not exactly the best critic. But the only thing I can do is just give out some suggestions that might help you out in the long run. Despite what others say, I'd just continue on regardless. But please, consider changing up a few things before launching this series. I wish you guys the best of luck with all that.

Better than the first

This episode was just epic, especially the part where Chris was fucking around with the grenade launcher. I nearly scratched up my throat in the process of recording the line where Chris is firing grenades out in the forest, by the way. And Barry's overconfidence and idiocy is just laughable, it's awesome. Him kicking Nemesis in the marbles made me laugh hard. Plus the ending is just priceless.

The only flaws I can point out is that sometimes the audio on some of the voice actors would sound louder than some of the other voice actors. Sometimes the voices are on the same volume level, and sometimes they're not. Plus, I notice how things go a little too fast in terms of animation and audio alike. Best example would be, dare I mention it again, the grenade launcher scene. Allow me to explain...Chris was supposed to let out a long gasp, and then say "yes!" before he starts blowing shit up. There are some glitches from here and there that need fixing on some scenes. But overall, it's not too big of a problem.

Otherwise, that's all I gotta say on my end about the latest episode. Thank you Cody as usual for uploading this, and having me aboard. I shall see you all in Episode 3!

From the voice behind Chris,
- Ryuta-kun / BlueSentaiHero

cyotecody555 responds:

I'm going to be making the next part with slower fps so I'll be able to fit more time into 16,000 frames
Then that way I can make it not seem so rushed when talking between one another

Great job on Chris! =D


All I could say is...THAT WAS FUCKIN' EPIC!!! Aweosme voice acting, and lots of random WTF moments. I love it!

DAIRYDOG responds:

i love purples

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8-Bit Heaven

This is perhaps one of my favorite tracks ever! Very energetic and upbeat, from start to finish! And yes, just as a lot of people have said and pointed out, this song reminds me of the 8-bit Mega Man tunes.

A masterpiece! 'nuff said!

I've been a fan of Newgrounds since high school, and still am to this day. I'm an amateur voice actor and I'm also a huge fan of anime, tokusatsu hero shows, asian dramas, comedy and action flicks. If you want to know more, feel free to IM me or whatever!

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